Weighday Wednesday Week 13

Weighday Wednesday Week 13

Well here we are 13 weeks in. I’ve never managed to diet for a quarter of a year before! I’ve got to say, I know progress isn’t exactly rapid, but it is so easy and the 6 months preceding starting this saw me putting on a stone so for me even staying the same is a bonus. And that is exactly what we’ve done this week. So after 13 weeks, my total loss is still 6 lbs (currently at 11 stone 11 lbs) and his is now 9 lbs (currently at 14 stone 9 lbs). Gonna try and be a bit more careful on the 5 days this week as I’d really like to flatten the belly a bit for the party season. Plus have to compete with OH and he is working really hard this week so I’m predicting he’s going to have a good loss next week. Happy days!

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Weigh day Friday? Doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? Week 12

Weigh day Friday?  Doesn't have the same ring to it does it?  Week 12

Hi there – a couple of days late posting this week – we’ve been on holiday. What’s more we haven’t dieted either – so there! Happy to report though that both our weight is unchanged. Back on course again next week when the kids are back in school.

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Where the hell have we been!? Weigh day Wednesday Week 11


Yes you might well ask – we did not post last week nor the week before.  The reason…our scales weren’t working.  I know, how hard can it be.  Anyway they’re fixed now and we’re sure you’re absolutely DESPERATE to know how we’re getting on!  Well I’ve lost 2 lbs since our last post so I’m down to 11 Stone 11 lbs.  My OH has put a couple of pounds on and has weighed in today at 14 stone 9 lbs.  So after 11 weeks, my total loss is still 6 lbs and his is now 9 lbs. It’s all beginning to even out – bring it on!

Beware next week though – I can’t see me sticking to it at all as its half term!

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Groundhog Diet?? It’s Weigh day Wednesday Week 8

Groundhog Diet??  It's Weigh day Wednesday Week 8

Can’t believe it – I’ve stayed the same yet again and OH has dropped another pound. I’m still 11 stone 13lbs and he’s down to 14 Stone 7lbs. So after 8 weeks, my total loss is still 4lbs and his is now 11lbs. Git! Only joking….just jealous.

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Weigh Day Wednesday – Week 7 – Ho hum

Well, here we are again- another week has gone by.   I’ve stayed the same at 11 Stone 13lbs.  My loss so far remains at 4lbs.  OH has lost the 1lb that he’d put on last week so he’s happy!  His total loss is back to 10lbs.

To put some perspective on my weight though, I had put on a stone in the 6 months preceding starting this, so staying the same is actually a bonus.

Haven’t managed to get any exercise in this week – it’s a bit hard with 2 kids and a workaholic husband.

In terms of what I’m eating wrong, our meals are fairly sensible but as soon as the kids have gone to bed my body seems to scream for crisps and chocolate – anyone got any tips for resisting these evening indulgences? Maybe I could start going to bed at 730pm!

Oh well onwards and downwards – hopefully!

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Weigh day Wednesday – mmmm not great


Well we’ve both stuck rigidly on our 2 fast days this week and neither of us have very good news I’m afraid.  I’ve stayed the same at 11 Stone 13lbs so my loss so far remains at 4lb.  I’ve had one swim this week.  OH has had his first week with a gain – he’s put on 1lb so he’s up to 14 stone 9llbs – he has not been working quite so hard in the last week.  We’re sure that the extra exercise is what makes the difference.

 Fasting day today.  We had just the one meal and it was my favourite fasting day meal so far –  I know I keep saying that!  We had ham (100g of Asda carve yourself ham = 117 calories), 2 eggs (150 calories), 200g chips cooked in the oven with fry light (200 calories approx).  We added a huge side salad to fill the plate up and to get some of our 5 a day.  Really tasty.  Onwards and upwards….lets see how we get on this week.  Wish us luck!

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Weigh Day Wednesday

Well it was Weigh Day Wednesday yesterday and how did we do?  Well I stayed the same at 11 Stone 13lbs so my loss so far remains at 4lb.  I didn’t get any swims in this week – I will next week as I’ll have more time as school starts.  OH did well though – he is down to 14 Stone 8lbs  – total loss for him is now 10lb!  Again he has been doing loads of physical work so that is definitely making the difference.

We’ve been fasting today.  Though we’re not normally fans of ready meal fans we had a lot on and I had only a few minutes to pick something up for supper.  So, I bought 2 ready meals from the Love Life You Count range at Waitrose – they’re great cos they say in huge print on the front of the box how many calories are inside – no messing about looking at a complicated nutrition table – which is good with my rubbish eye sight.  The Lasagne that I had at 307 calories was really delicious and OH had a great Beef Stroganoff with rice which came in at 418 calories.

That’s been our only food today – supplemented by a  salad with a tiny bit of home-made salad dressing which I think is worth every calorie.

Thinking about a pre-bedtime treat now with the extra calories – although that’s what got me in this state in the first place so maybe I’ll just go straight to bed!  Happy days!

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