Weighday Wednesday Week 13

Weighday Wednesday Week 13

Well here we are 13 weeks in. I’ve never managed to diet for a quarter of a year before! I’ve got to say, I know progress isn’t exactly rapid, but it is so easy and the 6 months preceding starting this saw me putting on a stone so for me even staying the same is a bonus. And that is exactly what we’ve done this week. So after 13 weeks, my total loss is still 6 lbs (currently at 11 stone 11 lbs) and his is now 9 lbs (currently at 14 stone 9 lbs). Gonna try and be a bit more careful on the 5 days this week as I’d really like to flatten the belly a bit for the party season. Plus have to compete with OH and he is working really hard this week so I’m predicting he’s going to have a good loss next week. Happy days!

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