Weigh Day Wednesday – Week 7 – Ho hum

Well, here we are again- another week has gone by.   I’ve stayed the same at 11 Stone 13lbs.  My loss so far remains at 4lbs.  OH has lost the 1lb that he’d put on last week so he’s happy!  His total loss is back to 10lbs.

To put some perspective on my weight though, I had put on a stone in the 6 months preceding starting this, so staying the same is actually a bonus.

Haven’t managed to get any exercise in this week – it’s a bit hard with 2 kids and a workaholic husband.

In terms of what I’m eating wrong, our meals are fairly sensible but as soon as the kids have gone to bed my body seems to scream for crisps and chocolate – anyone got any tips for resisting these evening indulgences? Maybe I could start going to bed at 730pm!

Oh well onwards and downwards – hopefully!

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2 Responses to Weigh Day Wednesday – Week 7 – Ho hum

  1. Just another pseudonym says:

    Tip to avoid the evening munchies – learn to knit! Do something like that while you’re sitting relaxing, and you can’t reach for the crisps at the same time.

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